Bethune X,an intelligent database management software, your personal database manager.

Published : 2020-04-18 14:11:45    Publisher : Mia Sun

The IT environment of the enterprise is becoming more and more diversified, complex and huge database environment has brought tremendous workload and pressure to the DBA. Since database carries the most critical data of an enterprise, so the data operational management capabilities have gradually become a core element of corporate competitiveness, should any critical problems occur in databases, it directly leads to business interruption and may bring huge losses to the enterprise.

But let me ask you,

Are you still using the traditional manual ways to manage your database?Lost in repetitive daily work? With technology updates so fast, seems impossible to grasp all that needed in the work in time? Worked hard for a whole year, then encountered a major failure while on duty at the end of the year? Been working overtime since forever?

Do these sound like something happened to you?( I know. I’ve been there.)

If you are facing these challenges, this article is written for you. Introducing you an intelligent database operation and maintenance management assistant: Bethune X is enterprise-ready and is designed to manage and monitor critical database system and related components to ensure smooth running of enterprise business.


It’s an intelligent database management software developed by Enmotech. In accordance with the core elements of database management, which are security, stability, performance, capacity, and standardization, Bethune X providing comprehensive monitoring management and intelligent protection of database.

On the basis of ensuring the database’s efficient and stable support to the business front end, the operation and maintenance workload is reduced, and the quality and effectiveness are improved as well. So that not only DBA are rescued from the daily tedious work, then they can focus on more valuable things and gain more self-achievement, but also helps the company’s business decisions and resource investment, and optimize TCO through intelligent analysis of data.

Bethune X is an

(1) Automatic operation and maintenance platform

With a complete set of integrated features for managing database, Bethune X enables you to perform day-to-day tasks and run repetitive jobs without human involvement at all, and detect problems and use the available guided resolution workflows.


(2) Intelligent health inspection platform

Using intelligent machine learning algorithms and strategies, achieved automatic collection, analysis of database core operating data, and produces practical and constructive suggestions.


(3) Real-time monitoring and data visualization platform

Bethune X offers comprehensive database real-time and automatic performance diagnostics and monitoring capabilities. In the monitoring-alerts module, allow you filter alerts by severity such as Fatal, Critical, Warning, or Clear. You can also choose to pay more attention to a certain type of error, which including availability, poor performance, security risks,abnormal capacity increase and exhausting system resources and so on.

Bethune X can bring tremendous value to the enterprises with large-scale databases, fewer resources for operation and maintenance teams, weaker data management capabilities, and lack of automated operation and maintenance.

In traditional operational methods, an in-depth health inspection of the database takes 1 full day. With Bethune X, only for 5 mins ,and you also get the standard report and intelligent suggestion.

Bethune X is an intuitive management product that leads the industry in ease of deployment and uses, unparalleled scalability that lets you manage a single database or thousands of instances. And more ,it supports many kinds of database, oracle ,mysql ,sql server, and keep increasing range.

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