Enmotech Attends International Electronic Data Exchange and APAC Trade Facilitation Seminar

Published : 2020-04-18 14:15:33    Publisher : Mia Sun

The Seventh Cross-Border Electronic Data Interchange Conference hosted by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific and the International Symposium on Trade Facilitation in Northeast Asia were held in Changchun from December 11 to 12, 2019. The conference focused on the status quo and challenges of cross-border data exchange, aimed to determine the elements and models of data transmission between different countries between Customs, Ports, Finance and other ministries and commissions. Through unified standards and regulatory constraints, to establishes a data-level foundation for paperless Customs and Smart Customs to improve international trade facilitation.

Miss Mia, director of Enmotech’s overseas business department, attended the conference and proactively participated in the discussion and sharing the ideas.As a data service provider, Enmotech is committed to providing technological products,professional services and automated tools to Customs and related supervision agencies. With the cooperating of CUSLINK, Enmotech enables clients build Smart Customs, Smart Borders and Smart Connections to improve transaction efficiency, promote economic development and coordinated border control.

With the economic globalization, the status quo of the development of international trade,foreign trade in the world economy and the economies of various countries has been continuously improved. The dependence of the world economy and the economies of other countries on foreign trade has increased also. In 2017, the global trade volume reached 17.7 trillion US dollars. The rapid growth of trade has brought opportunities to the economic development of various countries, while with huge challenges to Customs management and construction, such as border unrest and smuggling, illegal transactions, and illegal immigration.


Therefore, every country is now exploring and researching a new generation of smart Customs system, and it is imminent to build a modern customs system with advanced technical support and unified management standards and regulatory constraints. The construction of a smart Customs system is not a mere technical issue, it involves various aspects such as political economy and social livelihood among countries, requiring the collaboration of different systems, online and offline processes, and the establishment of a robust and agile support environment through advanced technology, which provides strong mid-stage support and massive structured and unstructured data bearing analysis capabilities. Therefore, the ability to manage data has become one of the core competitiveness of countries, regions, organizations, and enterprises.

The construction of smart Customs will further strengthen the improvement of the international supply chain. On the one hand, it will improve the national infrastructure construction, promote the pace of national informatization, simplify the structure of capital, labor and services, and on the other hand, build standards and norms in the core areas of the country to achieve international information. Synchronizing the construction of interoperability and forgetting mechanisms to promote economic development and legal trade at the border, thus, ultimately promote the international standard control of goods, funds and data.

Data governance capabilities have become one of the core competitivenesses of countries, regions, organizations and enterprises. As a professional data asset service provider, Enmotech continues to gather professional talents in the industry to build a core team to provide users with top-level data services. On the road to International development, we look forward to sharing the data service capabilities accumulated in China’s innovative and diversified technology market to more countries and regions, helping more countries, agencies, governments and enterprises to achieve digital transformation.

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