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zData – Software Defined Distributed Storage

A distributed software-defined storage utilizes internal direct-attached storage based on PC server to create a scalable storage pool, establish an advanced architecture which realizes high availability,high performance as well as database resource pooling to ensure dynamic expansion as needed.

MyData-Opensource Database Cloud Management

MyData is a software which integrate MySQL database middleware, virtual service IP, database clustering and database cloud management functions, providing MySQL customers an all-in-one solution with high availability, high reliability, high security and which is easy to use.

ZDBM – Backup and Recovery Management

ZDBM provides continuous protection for enterprise-critical databases, guarantees database recovery to any point in time with almost zero data loss.

zCloud-MultiDB Cloud Management

zCloud is developed to be a database cloud management platform helps large enterprises realize centralized management of IT system ,unified allocation, measurement and recycling of database resources, integrated management of personnel and authority,in which to realize automation and intelligentization of operation and maintenance.

Bethune Pro – Realtime Database Monitoring and Auto Maintenance

Automated operation and maintenance functions, as well as real-time monitoring and alarm mechanisms, enable managers to keep abreast of system operation, reduce DBA workload, and improve operation and maintenance quality.

SQM – SQL Statements Quality Management

the inter-organizational and cross-departmental SQL quality management and control system is built to help banks optimize application code, ensure application quality, and achieve quality improvement with quality control, process optimization, and efficiency improvement.

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