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Various factors can lead to poor Database performance, the system architecture, the OS parameters, the instance resource configuration such as memory and CPUs, and in most cases, inefficient SQL statements. Many application programs, whatever type it is in the business front end, they all using SQL as a messaging language, to issue queries and return the data needed. In high transaction processing systems, inefficient SQL statements, whether written by their own programmers or generated by the client tools, can result in serious performance problems, especially during the peak hours.

Let’s face it, that happens a lot.

Performance is the key indicator of business operation efficiency, but usually it wouldn’t be taken seriously until after system was hung, or database crushed, or received complaints from collaboration departments.

Why this happening?

For one reason, most DBAs probably rush in all these U&I work lists every minute because they are still trying to survive from maintenance hundreds or even thousands Database systems all by themselves, unlikely to find time for performance management, but even if they got time, it’s never an easy work to establish connection between the symptoms of a database problem and the actual problem itself. There are so many performance statistics indicates of the Database, where do we start if we want to tuning the performance?

For you who haven’t read the introduction of Bethune X, visit: Bethune X,an intelligent database management software, your personal database manager.

We already knew, Bethune X is an automatic operation and maintenance platform, an intelligent health inspection platform and a real-time monitoring and data visualisation platform. There is more.

Besides all the fundamental monitoring management functions, Bethune X also provide excellent traceability for performance tuning.

Bethune X offers comprehensive database real-time and automatic performance diagnostics and monitoring capabilities. To improve the traceability of performance problems, the most important instance details considered including: dbtime, cpu time, top events, hot block and so on. based on the comprehensive and associated analysis, you would find it much easier to trace the root problem.

following to name some of them:

❖ Generate AWR report: AWR report can be generated of the selected period for DBA to do detailed performance analysis

❖ TOP SQL: Displays the top five SQL statements of the sampling activity, usually the SQL statements that cause a high load. Click SQL ID can view SQL performance details, such as SQL text, trend analysis, execution plan, and etc.

❖ TOP 5 Session: Shows the top five active sessions as a percentage of sampling session activities

❖ TOP 5 Event: Show the top five wait events that occurred during the sampling activity session

❖ TOP 5 Service Module: display the top 5 services and modules in the percentage of sampling session activities

with all the history data, Bethune X can help you to establish the baseline for your database and upgrade as more data put in when business is running. so this baseline would really help you to recognise the performance problems when they arise. as a DBA, you probably know your system well and can easily identify peak usage periods, but Bethune X, it can really using this peak data and do something with it.

Usually, the purpose for performance tuning is to reduce resource consumption or to reduce the elapsed time for an operation to complete. Either way, the goal is to improve the effective use of a particular resource.

But Bethune X does more than that.

It’s not about just to trace performance problems afterwards, but also, to eliminate the bottleneck for peak hour performance beforehand.

Bethune X can bring tremendous value to the enterprises with large-scale databases, fewer resources for operation and maintenance teams, weaker data management capabilities, and lack of automated operation and maintenance.

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