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Performance optimization
The operating efficiency and stability of the business system are the basis of the enterprise informatization development. The informatization construction of the enterprise hobbles as walking with a stick without the support of the efficiently running system. In order to actually play the advantages of the informatization system with huge investment, the performance optimization and improvement are an essentially important. The system performance cannot meet the requirements of the rapidly developed businesses due to various reasons such as incomplete architecture, unreasonable parameters, incomplete storage design, poor SQL quality, insufficient bottom hardware resources, etc.

Incomplete architecture: the RAC architecture is not optimally used, and the partition design is incomplete;

Poor SQL quality: the key business SQL is basically written by junior database developers, there is no SQL quality auditing mechanism, and the SQL only capable of simply implementing functions is directly issued to a production environment, so the multiplication of the data volume and the concurrent volume is likely to cause the serious performance problems.

No optimization of parameters: the default parameters are not tuned, and the parameters easy to cause the performance problems are designed to be customized according to the business characteristics;

Unreasonable storage design: the characteristics of the RAID/ASM/file system are not fully comprehended, and the IOPS and the MBPS required by the system as well as the delay are not scientifically evaluated;

Insufficient hardware resource: the huge data size results in rapid increase of the demand on I/O when in data access, and the small-machine storage mode of the existing architecture is difficult to meet the hardware resource requirement on low cost, high availability, high performance and rapid expansion.

By means of optimization and improvement, the enterprise can get a number of benefits. The values of the performance optimization service are as follows:
The apparent increase of the running efficiency of the business system directly leads to the increase of the client operation efficiency;
Intuitive feeling of the user experience results in high praise from users;
Great decrease of the consumption of hardware running resources alleviates the operation and maintenance pressure;
The resource demand is obviously reduced, so that the purchase cost of software and hardware is greatly saved;
The reduction of resource demand of various businesses ensures the decrease of the business running competition and the fault rate;
The efficient and stable running of the system also liberates the operation and maintenance personnel from the tedious monitoring and adjusting work.

More importantly, the improvement of the system running performance will finally prolong the running life cycle of the whole system, so that the enterprises can channel their energy into the long-term and overall plan of the enterprise informatization architecture rather than the repair of the informatization system, the business system is enabled to run continuously and stably for a long time, thus is our prospect for strongly promoting the performance optimization service. ENMOTECH has several famous Oracle ACE or technical experts of the Oracle ACE director level, and provides professional and authoritative optimization monitoring, evaluation, consultation and adjustment services to the industry users, including various technical services such as monitoring of database performances, architecture design, performance optimization, etc. We have summed up some performance optimization services that are most reasonable for most customers, and the customers can select the performance optimization services according to the actual demand.

We can provide the end-to-end performance optimization service:
1.Database performance evaluation service
The database performance evaluation service of ENMOTECH can help the enterprise to comprehensively evaluate the running state, performances, load trend, business changes and the like of the database, establish a comprehensive running file for the database, and guide the decisions on the upgrading, migration and performance optimization of the data platform of the enterprise. The databases of many enterprises are in a black-box running state, the upgrading and expansion of the system platform are decided by the user only according to the utilization rate of resources such as CPU, memories and the like, and this evaluation method is not scientific; moreover, the investment on the hardware is typically high, the performance problem of the application and database cannot be fundamentally solved, but we can provide data support to the scientific decision of the user through the professional database performance evaluation service. The database performance evaluation service can help the user to make an upgrading or expansion solution of the platform, or can help the user to quantify the system load, make sure the improvement space of the optimization and guide the system construction decision.

2.Diagnosis and tuning of database performance
The database optimization service is executed according to the following phases:

ENMOTECH has already implemented a great number of database optimization projects, helped the users to solve various performance problems, enabled the performance of the customer system to be improved by several times and even by dozens of times, and created real value for the enterprises through the technology.

3.Database performance monitoring
The performance problem directly influences the informatization processing capacity of the industry and enterprise users, the direct experience of the customer, the investment cost of hardware resources and the operation and maintenance requirements. Once the performance problem occurs, it will lead to a series of negative influences such as abnormal use of the business system, worsening of the customer experience and the like; therefore, it is very important for the user system to discover the forewarning of the performance problem in advance and to actively prevent and tune the performance problem. The efficient and stable running of the system rather than the monitoring is the final objective. Therefore, ENMOTECH utilizes the monitoring software as a constituent part of a professional service solution rather than selling the license of the monitoring software. The monitoring product depends on the professional data service of ENMOTECH. For the characteristics of the customer, our technical personnel will continuously help the customer to improve the self-defined performance tendency chart/warning/report in the monitoring product, will feed back relevant performance problems to relevant technical personnel of the customer, and will propose professional optimization suggestions for the database performance problems discovered by the monitoring products.
ZDB is a database-level performance monitoring and performance analysis tool independently researched and developed by ENMOTECH and is mainly used by the operation and maintenance personnel, DBA and the management personnel, and the DBA and the operation and maintenance personnel monitor the database through this tool, thereby rapidly locating the problem origin to solve the hidden troubles, and improving the availability of the database and the application. Meanwhile, the management personnel can know the demand situation of various applications on the database resource through this tool, thereby facilitating the making of the business development plan.

4.SQL auditing
Are you facing the performance problems of the newly-launched software?
●The data volume and the concurrent volume are increased sharply;
●the launching period is shorter, and the test time is reduced;
●developers are inconsistent in technical skills and limited in SQL level and frequently write the killer SQL;
●The SQL in most application codes is launched without being audited;
●the existing SQL auditing way is low in efficiency and quality and mere in formality;

On account of the current situation of the system development environment in China at present, ENMOTECH has proposed the unique SQL auditing concept to improve the SQL quality by virtue of the SQL detection, auditing and optimization at the development phase, thereby ensuring the stability and health of the launched SQL, and reducing the running faults of the system. The SQL auditing will meet the requirement of the SQL quality control through the following service links so as to provide the high-quality launched SQL code:
●Full-amount SQL capture; ●automatic review of violation SQL; ●database alteration regulations; ●screening of violation SQL; ●suggestion for SQL quality improvement; ●explanation of high-quality SQL writing experience; ●high-efficient database application development guideline;

The SQL auditing service depends on a professional SQL auditing tool Z3 which is independently researched and developed by ENMOTECH:
●Web-version SQL auditing tool; ●acquiring and analyzing the information of the test library, the development library and the production library; ●based on pre-defined rules; ●multi-user multi-role B/S architecture;

5.High-efficient distributive storage architecture
With the explosive increase of the corporate data volume and the further embodiment of the data value, there are mainly two types of platforms for the data analysis, one type is the traditional enterprise data warehouse (EDW) that is used for statistically analyzing and displaying the traditional BI and data, and the other type is the big data platform that is used for real-time data analysis, non-structural data analysis, and the like. As the data volume is large (generally more than dozens of TB), and the data statistical analysis calculation volume is large, the requirements on the storage and the database server are very high. Meanwhile, as the number of the enterprise databases is increased greatly, more enterprises form a private cloud database to simplify the IT architecture, reduce the operation and maintenance complexity and reduce the overall IT system by integrating the databases. The above-mentioned system architecture has very high requirement on the elasticity, reliability, expandability and high performance of the database system.

An ENMOTECH zData Light distributive storage architecture solution is a light-weight, low-cost, high-performance and expandable overall solution for the traditional database architecture formed by using an x86 platform, a flash memory card and an Infiniband switch.
The zData Light architecture is as shown in the following picture:

Characteristics of zData distributive storage architecture: