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Operation and maintenance support
Based on the full consideration for the security and high-efficiency running of the enterprise system, by virtue of the professionalism in the field of databases, and relying on the core database service concept, ENMOTECH has launched the professional database and middleware operation and maintenance services and DBA on-site maintenance services to provide 5*8-hour on-site technical support of professional technical engineers and the 7*24-hour operation and maintenance support to the enterprise customers, thereby comprehensively ensuring the continuous, stable and secure running of the enterprise database.

In the rapid development of the enterprise informatization and the e-commerce today, main operation activities of the enterprise are carried out on the basis of the data, while the core and the universality of the data application highlight the data security problem. In recent several years, there were several serious user data leakage cases in the industry, such as “the account information leakage of an E-mail website”, “user information export from a travel website”, these cases reflect the importance of the data security, and the data environment lack of the data security service is dangerous. According to the statistical data, after the data security problem occurs, 81% of enterprises will suffer the loss of the corporate image and reputation, which is the situation that is not allowed by a responsible enterprise.

What kind of negative influence is your enterprise subjected to due to the data violation?
Data is the real theme of the informatization trend, and the key data is used by the enterprise as the basis of the normal operation. Once the enterprise suffers the data disaster, the overall work will be paralyzed, resulting in inestimable loss. In this circumstance, more and more companies are aware of the data security crisis and pay more attention to the data security issues. In order to maximally help the user to resolve this crisis and to protect the data of the user, the professional data security service of ENMOTECH will create a stable, high-efficient and secure future data environment for the user from the consideration in multiple aspects.

Based on the industrial experience in multiple years, ENMOTECH can provide a complete data security service to the user, and the specific service content includes:
●Security evaluation: it will help the enterprise to evaluate the security condition of the existing system and to analyze the security risk;
●Security enhancement scheme: on account of the current situation of the enterprise, the security enhancement scheme meeting the corporate requirement is designed to comprehensively improve the data security level of the enterprise;
●Implementing the security scheme: it will help the user to implement the established security scheme and to realize the security enhancement;

Through the continuous accumulation of the experience in the security field, ENMOTECH will bring the advanced security solutions both at home and abroad to the users and will make unremitting efforts for improving the data security.

The enterprise will get more benefits from the data security service, and the values of the data security service are described as follows:
●The running efficiency of the business system is increased, which directly increases the operation efficiency of customers;
●The malicious illegal invasion and tampering in the database system are effectively prevented;
●The security of national military and political secretes is guaranteed, and the leakage of privacy among commercial enterprises can be prevented;
●Timely monitoring and auditing of the user for the operation of the target database system can be implemented;
●The data security is obviously improved, thereby sufficiently ensuring the completeness, availability and reliability of the enterprise data information;
●The intuitive feeling of the user experience will bring about the high acceptance and confidence of the users.

Continuity of the guarantee
With the development of the information technology, the human social economy presents obvious data and information intensive characteristics; and a great amount of information data is stored in the database and widely applied to various information systems, and the dependence of the corporate business operation and development on the IT system is also increased. However, the disaster is hidden around the enterprise like dust, and the business of the user may be operated in a world full of risk and threats.

●The unpredictable damage of IT hardware devices, blackout, fire, natural disasters, terrorist attack and the like lead to the data loss or sudden interruption of the business;
● The mis-operation of the system personnel causes the accidental downtime or loss of key data;
● Attacks of hackers with various means, virus intrusion, junk mails, and bugs of networks and systems will lead to the crash of the system;

If the risk cannot be effectively managed, once the data is lost due to the above-mentioned various reasons, it may lead to serious inconvenience in corporate operation and economic loss of the enterprise, and the reputation of the enterprise will also be affected. The loss of core data will paralyze the whole enterprise in severe cases.

In order to guarantee the continuous operation of the businesses, the essential single-point fault of the data environment shall be eliminated, and the 24*7 continuous service support shall be guaranteed. Therefore, according to different requirements of the user on the high availability, our company provides multiple highly-available disaster-tolerant solutions:

●Used for implement the high availability and resource management and switching of the system level;
●Used for implementing the high availability of the database level;
●Used for implementing the disaster tolerant means of the database;
●Used for implementing the heterogeneous synchronization of the data;

ENMOTECH can help the user to design and implement the high-availability database system architecture. Our company can select a most suitable technical means for the customer with our rich project implementation experience according to the actual situation of the customer system at present. One or more techniques can be used to help the user to implement the high-availability solutions such as disaster recovery at two centers in different places, disaster recovery at three centers in two places, etc. The final service target of ENMOTECH service continuity is to help the enterprise to build the solution with high service data continuity according to the real situation of the enterprise.