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Consultation service

Consultation of architecture design

In the business architecture and information architecture (data architecture, service architecture, application architecture, and IT base architecture) of the customer, the data architecture is in the core position:

The good data system architecture design is the premise of ensuring the high availability, flexible expandability and stable operation of the businesses of the database. Our technical experts have multiple years of experience in the system and database architecture design, can provide the industry-leading forward-looking architecture with the industrial characteristics to the customer, and can ensure the system architecture to be well implemented. We have a number of feasible industrial experiences in the architecture consultation and successful cases and have provided perfect support to the optimum practice of the data system architecture of the customer.

We have gathered a lot of experts in the industry to provide the objective and neutral third-party consultation and design service at the planning design and construction implementation phases of the customer business system.

● Consultation of the system architecture: relying on the advanced experience and optimum practice in the industry, we provide the comprehensive system architecture design from the bottom architecture to the top database system and provide strong, high-efficient, suitable and smoothly-expandable enterprise database system architecture plan;
● Consultation of the data architecture: relying on the rich experience in the industry and the international model form of the same industry, we plan standard and flexible data models for the customer system and complete the practical design from the logic model to the physical model;

We have eight Oracle ACE or industrial technical experts of the Oracle ACE director level, scores of OCM experts, and multiple experts in the aspects such as MYSQL, big data, DB2, middleware and the like. The powerful technical strength will provide reliable technical guarantee to the customers, and the thick technical wall will provide the solid barrier to the informatization of the enterprise.

Consultation of the architecture design

How to establish a reliable, stable and secure system architecture in the enterprise data environment is a key point for the enterprise IT construction. With professional experience, we can provide special or long-term consultation, construction and operation and maintenance services to the enterprise in the construction of the data architecture, and help the enterprise to achieve the design target of the data architecture.

Our experts can provide the following services to the users in the data architecture design:
●  Database hardware model selection and software version model selection;
●  Database physical architecture design, storage plan, and pressure test and optimization;
●  Plan and design of the database on four levels such as security, continuity, high efficiency and application; 

Consultation of the data architecture

In the development and construction of the enterprise system, a most important link is the analysis of a business process and the construction of the data model, and the good data model is the basic guarantee of the high-performance and high-availability system. The data system of the enterprise shall always focus on the data model to perform the design and development of the application programs.

The ideal data architecture shall be subject to the demand analysis and model design executed by the data experts and the service experts; the SQL customized writing of relevant functional modules shall be executed by the data experts; and then the relevant functional pages are called and drawn by the developers. In this system architecture, since the data model and the SQL code are completed by the experts knowing the data best, its performance is completely controllable, and with the increase of the data, the performance will keep the weak attenuation or un-attenuation.

In the data architecture consultation service, we will provide:
●  Well know and analyze the business process of the user, and help the user to establish the business model;
●  Build the data model by analyzing and optimizing the business model; and perform the reverse modeling for the old system through the professional tool, and tease the data model to discover the unreasonability of the data model ;
●  Improve the data model on purpose on the basis of different background databases;
●  implement the optimized SQL development and writing instruction for the core businesses;