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Performance monitoring and performance analysis platform

By combining the comprehensive experience of multiple customers in using the conventional monitoring tools and experiences of ENMOTECH experts in decades of years in performance optimization, the application of the ZONE performance monitoring and performance analysis platform is as follows:
● DBA and the operation and maintenance personnel monitor the database through this tool, thereby rapidly locating the problem origin to solve the hidden troubles, and improving the availability of the database and the application.
● The management personnel can know the demand of various applications on the database resource through this tool, thereby facilitating the making of the business development plan.

By displaying and comparing the performance information and analyzing the tendency in multiple aspects of the host level, the database level and the application level, Zone can intuitively display the performance changes of each application and database, so that DBA can rapidly and accurately find out the root cause of the performance problems by deeply mining and comparatively analyzing various performance factors such as the system configuration, SQL statement, etc.
Zone is an important means for rapidly locating the performance problem, solving the hidden troubles and improving the availability of the database and the application

ZONE has the following functional characteristics:
● Based on the optimum performance practice and wait event analysis method in the industry
● Host, database and application SQL multi-angle performance visualization
● The historical performance detail is reserved for a long time, the performance tendency is intuitive, and the performance variation tendency is sensitively highlighted by virtue of year-on-year comparison and month-to-month comparison.
● Build a performance base line to rapidly assist the performance definite diagnosis.
● Continuous 7*24-hour database monitoring, automatic intelligent analysis and early warning.
● Adopt the multilevel architecture to effectively reduce the influence on the performance of the monitored database.
● Support the Oracle databases on all platforms.
● Integrate and simplify the DBA working process by virtue of functional modules such as a toolbox, a worktable and the like, and improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of the database.
● Monitor point and index templating and customization, and build the close monitoring and health guardian.

The typical ZONE display interface and main functional descriptions are stated below:

Home page:

Two core indexes reflecting the database performance as well as the favorite content in the daily work of DBA are intensively displayed at the home page.
●Concurrent execution number of SQL in the database
●Time for executing all SQL in the database.
●Warning for pending: it shows that there is hidden troubles or problems has already occurred in the running of the database, and the response of the DBA is needed at the first time so as to guarantee the stable running of the database.

Performance of the host:

●TOP host: hosts with the TOP resource consumption are displayed in multiple dimensions which mainly include: host load, CPU, etc.;
●Specific host: display the performance change tendency and corresponding base line changes of the specific host from multiple dimensions;
●Performance comparison of the host: compare the performance changes of the host from multiple dimensions, and support the multi-dimensional year-on-year and month-to-month comparison of different hosts;

The following picture is a multi-dimensional performance index change tendency display page of the specific host:

Performance of database:

●TOP database: display the database with TOP resource consumption from multiple dimensions such as active sessions, execution times, DB time, transactions, logic reads, physical reads, etc.
●Performance of the specific database: display the active session change tendency of the specific database, and go down to wait events, TOP SQL, etc.
●TOP SQL display: display the detail of the TOP SQL performance and the change tendency as well as binding variable values, relevant applications, etc. when the SQL is executed.

The following picture is the multi-dimensional performance index display page of the TOP database:

Daily round check:

●Summarize and analyze the running state, performance, configuration, capacity and the like of each database of the previous day at a fixed time every day, form reports, and help the user to rapidly know the health state of all databases.

The following picture is the daily round check display page:

Furthermore, it also includes the warning display page, the worktable, the toolbox page, and the system configuration page, which respectively include the following data display and management functions.

Warning display: display the warning records of all databases as well as the warning summary reported per database/day in the last month.

Self-defined data acquisition item: DBA can customize different monitoring templates for different types of libraries and manage the monitoring scope through the monitoring templates.

Self-defined monitoring item:  DBA can create the monitoring items according to the requirement and can set the warning frequency, the continuous warning times, the silent period, etc.; and the silent period refers to a period of time when the warning is paused, so that the interference of invalid warning can be avoided when the DBA performs the database maintenance.

Report management: DBA can create the database performance AWR report, the active session ASH report, the SQL performance report, etc.

SQL report: the SQL report includes basic information, an execution plan, relevant applications accessing the SQL, detail structures of relevant tables, etc.

DBA commonly-used script management: collect the shortcut scripts accumulated by the DBA in the daily work, the shortcut scripts can be executed in batches in multiple databases, and the execution result is provided in a file form, so that the working efficiency of the DBA is improved.

Manage and monitor the database: increase the monitored database, only the basic information (monitoring user, IP, port, service name, etc.) of the database needs to be configured, and no agent is needed. Different monitoring functional modules can be started according to the application type of the database.