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Z3 SQL quality control platform
In view of the current situation of the domestic system development environment, ENMOTECH has independently designed and developed Z3 - an SQL auditing tool which can automatically capture the object design and SQL information in the enterprise development, test and production environment databases, can analyze and summarize these information to analyze the potential performance threat in the object design and SQL according to a fixed determination rule, and can enable the DBA to be able to early get involved in the development process through the work order flow, so that the hidden troubles of the performance are removed at the development and test link, and the performance stability of the launched system is ensured.

What can it do?
It provides us the SQL quality control capacity through the whole life cycle of the application:

Page display of Z3:

Service architecture of Z3:

Characteristics of Z3:High security, minimum database permission, and no access to service data
●  Low resource consumption, smallest data acquisition scope, and almost no pressure on the database
●  Simplicity in deployment, and no agent is needed in an audited database
●  Simplicity in use, and Z3 can be used in different places when being deployed at one place. After the deployment, Z3 can be used through the browser.
●  Being independent of the application, and the development language of the application is not limited.
●  Flexibility, the auditing rule set and the data acquisition scope can be customized according to the requirements.
●  Automation: automatic acquisition, automatic analysis, requiring no manual intervention.
●  Routing management, and support DBA and development interaction