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Bethune - automatic IT system health check platform

Bethune is an automatic IT system health check platform developed by ENMOTECH and is an automatic operation and maintenance platform supporting the daily work and routing inspection automation of DBA.

Bethune automatic health check platform converts the professional experience of the expert team of ENMOTECH into algorithms. The intelligent routing inspection experience learning capacity and the autonomic behavior diagnosis analysis capacity will greatly improve the routing inspection efficiency and the routing inspection quality of the user system database, and will free the DBA from the vast, tedious and repeated inspection work to undertake more valuable work.

Meanwhile, a great amount of database running data continuously deposited in the Bethune system will provide more precise data support to the optimum practice of the database operation and maintenance of the user in the future by virtue of the data mining and tendency analysis.

Bethune – the automatic health check platform will comprehensively analyze and display the current state, potential hidden troubles and discovered problems of the overall database running environment in five aspects of host environment, database security stability, space resource, performance and disaster tolerant backup, marks the importance of the discovered problems with four states such as normal, prompting, warning and serious, and clearly indicates which problems need to be rapidly processed by DBA, which problems need the attention and which problems need to be known by the customer.