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Product     Based on the enterprise system security, efficient operation of the full consideration, cloud and En ink with the field of expertise in the database, relying on the core of the database service concept, launched a professional database, middleware operation and maintenance services and DBA resident service , To provide professional and technical engineers 5 * 8 hours of resident technical support and 7 * 24 hours of operation and maintenance support for the enterprise database of sustained, stable and safe operation to do a comprehensive protection work.

Operation and maintenance services include:

● standard operation and maintenance services; 1, hotline support 2, expert online support 3, remote access
● database depth health check service;

Our technical staff to a large number of practical experience to ensure the health of the user database monitoring, timely resolution of the failure and performance problems. By our technical staff for the user's database environment for health checks, check the way for the site inspection, after the implementation of our technical staff to provide users with a sound health check report, summed up the database operation, inadequate analysis, put forward rationalization proposals.

  ● database failure emergency rescue service;