Database and Middleware Service
The data protection and management run through the entire lifecycle
of IT construction. we help customers maximize the value of data.
Aimed to help companies achieve their four goals in data area:
Data security and personal privacy protection, construction of data
infrastructure , to achieve information sharing and to achieve
centralized management and unified analysis modeling


Performance Tuning

Database Recovery

Annual Maintenance

System Architecture Consulting
Provide customers with a comprehensive system architecture design from the primary architecture to database system, providing robust, efficient, applicable, and smoothly extended enterprise-level database system architecture planning
Data Architecture Consulting
Relying on the international industry model paradigm, planning standard and flexible data models for customer systems, and completing the floor-to-floor design from logical models to physical models
We help enterprises to comprehensively evaluate the running state,perfor-mances, load trend, business changes of the database, then build operationalfiles for thedatabase to guide the enterprise's data platform upgrade,migration and performance tuningstrategy.
Database Recovery
Storage faults, including the following fault scenes:
  • Damage of hard disks and damage of Raid information
  • Damage of ASM diskgroup diskheadermetadata
  • The hard disk is damaged due to formatting and cannot be started
  • Multiple hard disks in th Raid group are damaged
  • File is deleted due to mis-operation
Database faults, including the following scenes:
  • Database cannot be opened
  • Files are lost, the SYSTEM table space is damaged
  • Various Ora-600 errors
  • Mis-operation of data files or table space
  • Offline files cannot be loaded
  • Lack of archived logs
  • Delete tables, fields and data by mis-operation
  • Mis-operation on the table space and the data files
Annual Maintenance
We provide clients with professional administrative services of IT systems so that clients can focus on their business development. Our extensive operational experience in database area shows that any single type and single element service capability cannot fully ensure the continuity and satiability of database. Based on the combine of active prevention and passive response, forming a comprehensive service mechanism with fine-grained, multi-level, pre-position and full coverage service mechanism , thus helping the organization to construct a secure, economic, and stable IT environment with high ultimately help the organization's business success.

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