Data Science
Based on big data algorithms, artificial intelligence technology and advanced modeling and analysis algorithms, we provide enterprise customers with user behavior experience data analysis, enterprise internal audit services, integration of multiple data sources and unified modeling, and the deep integration of science and traditional industries to achieve data application solutions that quantify target output and causal analysis of traceable problems.
Data Collection Master

The Big Data Audit Analysis Monitoring Platform provides a automatic data collection tools for data collection services.

Internal Audit Management System

Provide basic information,report and revision of the audit plan on the internal audit unit, and audit project report and rectification tracking and other process management and statistical analysis.

Financial Data Analysis System

According to the requirements of financial audit work, standardize financial management and financial data, and accurately check financial funds, to guarantee the standardization of corporate financial management.

Industry Data Analysis System

Provides data collection, automatic modeling and analysis services for customers in the social security, public accumulation fund, public resource transaction and traffic management industries.

Poverty Alleviation Project Analysis System

Utilizing big data technology, establish data standards for poverty alleviation work, and build a comprehensive poverty alleviation information management system of “people, finances and affairs”

Integrated Command Management System

Utilizing large-screen reproducible technology to transform the invisible audit key dataset structure into visible graphical symbols, and ensure the data can be updated in real time based on the results of the background analysis, helping auditors to quickly grasp the vertical state, and find the law and obtain information as needed.

Reduce the amount of counterpart work

Reduce audit risk

Increase the effectiveness of funds

Provide decision support

Enhancing the advantages of data innovation and research, focus on the core needs of the customers, we are committed to becoming the pioneer and leader in the field of government auditing big data by taking the “full coverage” of big data inferior audit development.
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