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Oracle 18c: Oracle 18c.. New Features.. What’s NEWS..

Published : 2017-10-27Publisher : cloud and en ink

By Joel Peréz ACED.gifSkant Gupta
Before starting, if you want to read about how Oracle 18c and autonomous database will affect DBAs, you can read here
#12 Oracle 18c: New Features for Oracle Data Guard.. What’s NEWS..
Oracle 18c: RMAN New Features.. What’s NEWS..
#10 Oracle 18c: “Oracle 18c and its impact on DBAs”

Well.. Oracle 18c.. one release more.. ? Uhmm perhaps not.. Oracle 18c has a that kind of air of.. “Starting now.. it's when Oracle Cloud Database will mark a real strong beginning..”

I have been playing with Oracle Databases in Cloud from some years ago when all this was barely starting.. when it was more the concept of "Cloud Computing" as a whole.. I'm talking about when the Cloud Computing model was originally designed to be implanted “On-prem”, basically with an arrange of  some servers.. software.. resources ( CPU.. Memory.. etc ) and all that could be managed by Enterprise Manager to built your own Cloud infrastructure but “On-prem”.. the service of Public Cloud was not still available in that time.. In that time we started to know concepts of “Pay-as-you-go..”.. “Chargeback..” and things like that.. the real concept of that first commercial proposal was really a model of "Cloud Computing"

In that time the concept of Oracle Database Cloud was extreme far from what it’s nowadays.. of course.. the product.. the concept was getting mature.. getting shape..
A couple of years later the first Public Cloud services appeared in the market.. Uhmm.. this was really a more close image to what we were having in mind about Oracle Database Cloud.. of course.. it was product that was changing al time.. and getting mature.. at the beginning you could not choose the database character set.. the wizard interface had more steps.. and so on.. it was like a child opening his/her eyes to the world.. and we could enjoyed how all that was growing..

Little by little more Oracle Database Cloud Services were starting to be available as per we have now:
Oracle Database Cloud Service
Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Database Service
Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service
Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Machine
Oracle Database Express Cloud Service

All these lastly mentioned does not include the future new Oracle Database Cloud Services that will be available starting with Oracle 18c.

So.. continuing with the subject.. Oracle Database Cloud services were still changing/evolving.. even its web interface, pricing model, etc until the last months.. so.. it can be said the product was still modeling itself.. but internally we can consider it already a mature product.

So, according to my point of view, all that was process to see how the product had interaction with real people.. with real customers.. with real companies.. All that was the preparation way to present finally the king product.. “Autonomous Database Suit of Services on Oracle18c..”

So, I consider Oracle 18c and all its new feature a real “before and after” related to Cloud Databases..

Oracle 18c as every release.. has many new features.. that can be suitable for some kind of companies and others not too much.. as always.. perhaps a small company for sure will not be interested in autonomous database running in a powerful Exadata and so on.. Perhaps new “Startup” companies could be very interested in the regular “Oracle Database Cloud Service” to have a cheap and fast IT infrastructure.. not thinking as before how costly could be to establish an own data center.. etc..

So, the point it’s.. Oracle 18c as every release has new features for everyone..

The objective of this article is to name/to introduce them briefly before we can get the real production release starting December 2018.

Then, Let’s talk briefly technically of What’s news in Oracle Database 18c..

The figure you will see now is the Lifetime Support Commitments and Plans for current and future Oracle Releases.

*Oracle Database 19c is expected to the long term support release.
Always check MOS Note 742060.1 for the latest schedule.

As you can see between all that information, we will have extended support of 12.2 until 2025 and Oracle 18c will start on December2017. There are a lot of people in fear for the future for DBAs related to Autonomous Database & Oracle 18c, if you want to read my point of view about that subject go here:
#10 Oracle 18c: “Oracle 18c and its impact on DBAs”

Now, Let’s highlight briefly some of what we have today and what we will have in Oracle Database 18c

In-Memory Column Store
Software in Silicon
Engineered Systems

Oracle Database 18c:
Low Latency Memory Transactions
2x throughput for streaming ingest
4x throughput for low latency key lookups
Non Volatile Memory Support
Multi Tiered Database Cache
In-Memory Column Store Improvements
Performance improvements
Automatic Population

Memory Optimized Access for OLTP Workloads
Example: Read Joel’s Balance
Ultra-Fast key-based lookup:
Uses new lock-free In-memory hash index
Just declare table MEMOPTIMIZE FOR READ
New low latency client protocol with direct access to data engine
Performance benefits:
Up to 4x throughput increase for Primary Key based lookups
50% lower response times

Memory Optimized Access for IoT Workloads
Example: Write Temperature Reading
New streaming ingest:
Clients performs low-latency write into in-memory buffer
Buffered writes drained in background
Very high throughput inserts since server issues deferred writes in large batches
2x faster throughput than conventional
21M inserts per second on 2-socket server

Container managed database virtualization
Manage Many as one
Patching, Backup, Security, Online Cloning, Online Relocation
Software as Service
Shared metadata, Data location transparency

Oracle Database 18c:
Per-PDB Switchover
Transportable Backups
Snapshot Carousel
Faster Upgrades

Example of
Per-PDB Switchover

Oracle 18c: RMAN New Features.. What’s NEWS..

Oracle Data Guard
#12 Oracle 18c: New Features for Oracle Data Guard.. What’s NEWS..

Comprehensive HA and disaster recovery functionality
Real Application Clusters, Active Data Guard, Recovery Appliance
Oracle Golden Gate for heterogeneous replication
Scale out and fault isolation with Oracle Database Sharding

Oracle Database 18c:
Zero Impact Grid Infrastructure Patching
Sharded RAC
Logically partition data across instances in RAC
Sharded access for shard-aware applications and transparency for non-sharded applications
Sharding improvements
User Defined Sharding
Improved Cross Shard Query support

Sharded RAC
Higher performance for shard-aware RAC applications
Affinitizes shards to RAC instances
Requests that specify sharding key will be routed to the RAC instance that logically holds the shard
Affinity gives better cache utilization and reduced block pings across instances
Requests that don’t specify sharding key still work transparently
Gives Sharded Database performance with minimal application changes
Just add sharding key to the most performance intensive operations

Security In-Depth
Access Controls, Encryption, Redaction, Masking, Auditing, SQL Firewalls
Key Vault
Audit Vault Database Firewall
Security Assessment Tool

Oracle Database 18c:
Integration with Active Directory
Authorization to database through Active Directory user/group mappings to database schema users and roles
Per PDB Key storage
Password-less schema creation
No default passwords

Data Warehousing and Big Data
The most advanced analytics engine available today
Partitioning, Compression, SQL, Analytical Views, Analytical SQL, Data Mining
Easily analyze data  held in Hadoop with Big Data SQL
Big Data Appliance

Oracle Database 18c:
In-Memory for external tables
Automatic propagation of nologged data to standby
More Machine Learning algorithms
Polymorphic Table Functions
Alter Table Merge Partition Online
Approximate Query Improvements

Application Express 5.1
SQL Developer & SQLCl
Comprehensive Language support
PL/SQL, SQL , Python, Node.js, PHP, Java, C, .NET, REST
SQL Support

Oracle Database 18c:
Improved JSON Support
Property Graph Improvements
Support for PGQL
Rolling patches for OJVM
Private Temporary Tables

Private Temporary Tables
Transient tables useful for reporting applications

Global temporary tables
Persistent, shared (global) table definition
Temporary, private (session-based) data content
Data physically exists for a transaction or session
Session-private statistics

Private temporary tables (18c)
Temporary, private (session-based) table definition
Private table name and shape
Temporary, private (session-based) data content
Session or transaction duration

Database Instance Management REST API
A REST API to provide instance management and monitoring
Same consistent API for Cloud and On Premises
Simple API for all database lifecycle operations
Supports Oracle Databases integration with orchestration frameworks
Expected CY2018

List the pdbs in the exadata database container: https://myserver.mydomain.com/ords/databases/exadata/pdbs

Official Docker Support
Oracle Database is fully supported on Docker for
Oracle Linux 7
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
** Oracle RAC is not supported on Docker "CURRENTLY" but in Oracle 18c Oracle RAC support is coming
MOS Note: Oracle Support for Database Running on Docker (Doc ID 2216342.1)
Oracle & images are available on Oracle Container Registry
Docker build files also available at

New Installation Approaches
Oracle Gold Image as a Service
On demand image creation including application of RUs, RURs and one off patches
Request images as a
               Zip file, TAR File, Docker Image, Virtual Box, VM (Ravello, BMC, Vbox)
Web Interface or REST API
Coming soon…
Oracle Installation via RPM
Oracle EE, SE2, and Grid Infrastructure

Oracle Database 18c XE
Free use for development and production
Expected CY 2018
Nearly all functionality is included
Limited to 12GB of user storage
Limited to 2GB of SGA