Multi Database Cloud Management and Auto Maintenance
zCloud is developed to be a database cloud management platform helps large enterprises realize centralized management of IT system ,unified allocation, measurement and recycling of database resources, integrated management of personnel and authority,in which to realize automation and intelligentization of operation and maintenance.
Tenant and resource management

Centralized database resources

Multi-platform unified management

Resource pooling & clouding

Existing database management

Automated deployment

Supporting of Multiple database and components

One-click installation and upgrade

Standardized template and management process

Automated deployment for multiple architectures

Database monitoring

Real-time monitoring and analyzing

DB Problem identification

Intelligent diagnosis and solutions recommendations

Routine system monitoring

intelligent health inspection

Routine inspection

SQL audit

SQL analysis report

Data security assessment and advice

Performance & capacity management

Performance and capacity trend analysis

Performance and capacity forecast

Automatic expansion

Performance, capacity management

Data security management

Database audit

Data desensitization

Work order management review

High availability management

Automatic switching

High availability strategy

Backup recovery management

Policy-based management

Lifecycle management

Supported Databases and components
zCloud support mainstream commercial databases, open source databases and middleware technologies and components.
When you need a lower cost, faster, and more secure data and resource management strategy, zCloud helps build a multi-database supported public cloud private cloud hybrid capability platform.
Service catalog
shared resource
Improve usability
Enhanced security
Improve control
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