Database Backup and Recovery Management
ZDBM provides continuous protection for enterprise-critical databases, guarantees database recovery to any point in time with almost zero data loss.
ZDBM, database backup management, with software and hardware all-in-one, taking database protection and data management to a new level

※ Almost zero data loss, only one full backup, no more full backup or incremental after

※ Minimum impact on production system performance

5~10 times backup speed, 3~4 times recovery speed compared to traditional method

※ Guarantee 100% data recoverable

※ Guarantee data can be restored to any point in time

※ Rapid (1~3 minutes) virtual database (VDB) establishment

The primary goals of the ZDBM Backup Machine are as follows: On one hand, Eliminate the risk of critical database data loss in existing data protection solutions. On the other hand, provide timely verify the recoverability of backup data, meet customer needs for copy allocation of backup data, virtual cloning, etc.
Save a lot of storage space and cost
Time consuming for preparing R&D environment
Before, customers Spend a lot of time preparing the development environment and data, longer than the actual development time
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