SQL Statements Quality Management Platform
Based on the SQM solution, the inter-organizational and cross-departmental SQL quality management and control system is built to help banks optimize application code, ensure application quality, and achieve quality improvement with quality control, process optimization, and efficiency improvement.
SQM – SQL Quality management Platform, which automatically captures object design and SQL information in development, test, and production environment databases, and analyzes this information based on established audit rules, to recognize potential performance risks in SQL, enabling DBA and application developers to intervene earlier, stifle performance hazards in the germination stage, and ensure stable and efficient operation of online applications.
Light Weight
No agent, simple deployment
No need of DBA permissions, and no business data can be accessed without permission
Define audit rules based on business scenarios and requirements, and make guiding recommendations for optimization
Manage application code quality throughout the lifecycle of the system, from the development phase , testing phase and after the system went public
automatically build table / index / SQL relationship, improve SQL audit efficiency
Core Functions
Efficient application audit
  • Comprehensive analysis of Java application SQL quality
  • Target risk SQL to improve application performance and reduce data pressure
  • Safe and secure operation of the application
Complete SQL script audit
  • Script according to SQL and MyBatis
  • Analyze grammar risks and execution plan issues
  • Improve the quality of SQL scripts
Flexible DDL script audit
  • Accurately analyze the syntax of DDL
  • Comprehensive assessment of DDL execution risk
  • Secure data security and stability
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