Bethune Pro
Automated operation and  intelligent inspection, as well as real-timemonitoring and alarm mechanisms, enable managers to keep abreast of system operation, reduce DBA workload, and improve operation and maintenance quality.


Comprehensive visualization helps companies quickly locate information they care about

Decision support

Help decision makers connect the status quo of the system with business and action


Reduce passive fire fighting of system, operators have more time for IT architectural design and configuration optimization

Security Enhancement

Reduce business problems result from system instability,enhance the security and reduce risk

System Monitor Screen

Equipped with intelligent machine learning and model algorithm, Bethune Pro provides privatization platform with deep IT health inspection service, relies on big data analysis, time series based screening for accurate recommendation prediction, visually presents primary DB and system information

Functions and Features
  • Dashboard
  • System Center
  • Capacity Center
  • Security Center
  • Performance Center
Database Health Risk Radar collects data and assesses system health from five dimensions of database health (stability, security, performance, availability, standardization), giving managers an intuitive view of the system running status
Collect and display the basic operational data and information of the database system, as well as the database associations, to ensure the health of the database and ensure the normal operation of the business.
Collect capacity growth data from the system and assess growth trends, and analyze growth sources and anomalies in abnormal situation. Conduct reasonable capacity expansion based on remaining capacity and growth trend
Comprehensive management and control of database system security, including System change history, relationship between IP link and database; DBlink interconnection , database application authority and relationship between DBlink
In-depth analysis and drill down of database and system performance, including the following system indicators and parameters: CPU, IO, load overview; SQL statement, object performance and etc.
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