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Oracle Cloud: Create a Standby database in Oracle Cloud “Hybrid Cloud”

ENMOTECH2017-04-20 Release

If you have a production database and you plan to build a standby database on the different geographic location, Oracle Cloud is the best option In this article you will see a step by step guide on how to create a Standby Database in Oracle Cloud for your on-premises database Read More
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Oracle RAC: Apply and Revert back latest PSU on Database Home with Conflict Detection

ENMOTECH2017-04-20 Release

In this article we will show you how to apply and revert back the latest PSU on Database Home in one node only with proper conflict detections To do this, we must have at least 2 node RAC database Read More
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Oracle Cloud: Configuring of Dbaas Monitor Console for Oracle Database

ENMOTECH2017-04-20 Release

By Joel Pérez ( Oracle ACED ) & Skant Gupta (OCE)In this article we will show you how to configure Dbaa Read More
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Oracle Cloud: Migrate On-premises Tablespaces to DBaaS Database Using Cross-Platform Tablespace transport

ENMOTECH2017-04-17 Release

This article covers the RMAN method to convert and migrate on-premises Oracle Database 12c databases to an Oracle Database 12c DBaaS that run on different platforms Read More
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Oracle Cloud: Connect a Cloud VM on Windows with PuTTY

ENMOTECH2017-04-17 Release

This article guides you through the connection of a Database Cloud Service instance using PuTTY over Windows You can apply this article to other Oracle cloud services Read More
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