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Oracle Cloud (DBaaS): Reinstating a Failed Primary Database using dbaascli utility ( Oracle Data Guard on Cloud )

ENMOTECH2017-12-14 Release

we will show the necessary steps to Reinstate using the dbaascli UtilityRead More
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Oracle Cloud (DBaaS): Switchover, Failover & Reinstate Operations on Oracle Data Guard using DBCS Console

ENMOTECH2017-12-14 Release

In this this article we will show the necessary steps to perform Switchover, Failover & Reinstate Operations with the DBCS Console Read More
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Oracle Cloud (DBaaS): How to become OCP & OCM Cloud!!

ENMOTECH2017-12-14 Release

Perhaps you have asked me or asked to my colleague Skant Gupta the typical question "How to become OCP & OCM Cloud? " Perhaps you have found this publication in any of social medias we manage,Perhaps you have asked the typical question "How I start to learn Oracle Database in Cloud "Read More
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Oracle Cloud DBaaS: “If I’m a Rookie DBA, Can I master directly Oracle Database Cloud? (DBCS)”

ENMOTECH2017-12-06 Release

Something very important DBAs must take into account in advance when they will work in Cloud Read More
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Oracle 18c: Oracle 18c.. New Features.. What’s NEWS..

ENMOTECH2017-10-27 Release

Before starting, if you want to read about how Oracle 18c and autonomous database will affect DBAs, you can rea Read More
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